9 Fundamental issues with hiring software professionals online

9 Fundamental issues with hiring software professionals online

For many non-IT companies, It makes perfect sense to hire teams of software developers who can come in and address their software woes. After talking to them from time to time we have compiled a list of fundamental issues with hiring remote teams.


You and the provider are not on the same page.


The company does not skilled full-stack developers who can tackle complex technical challenges.


You and the team are finding it hard to sync-up due to timezone differences.


The IT team can deliver the project but does not understand UI//UX.


The IT team does not follow proper processes/methodologies to build applications.


Team only communicates only via emails and does not use project management tools.


Team is inexperienced.


Team does not provide timely updates.


You are not assigned dedicated project managers/project.

At logileap, we address these issues from day one and make sure our clients are in the loop all the time and are completely satisfied with the work. Find out how we work by sending us an email here.

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