9 Fundamental issues with hiring software professionals online

9 Fundamental issues with hiring software professionals online

For many non-IT companies, It makes perfect sense to hire teams of software developers who can come in and address their software woes. After talking to them from time to time we have compiled a list of fundamental issues with hiring remote teams.


You and the provider are not on the same page.


The company does not skilled full-stack developers who can tackle complex technical challenges.


You and the team are finding it hard to sync-up due to timezone differences.


The IT team can deliver the project but does not understand UI//UX.


The IT team does not follow proper processes/methodologies to build applications.


Team only communicates only via emails and does not use project management tools.


Team is inexperienced.


Team does not provide timely updates.


You are not assigned dedicated project managers/project.

At logileap, we address these issues from day one and make sure our clients are in the loop all the time and are completely satisfied with the work. Find out how we work by sending us an email here.

What First Time App Entrepreneurs Easily Miss and How To Avoid Those Pitfalls

What First Time App Entrepreneurs Easily Miss and How To Avoid Those Pitfalls

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One of the first steps in building a successful app enterprise is to organize and refine your thoughts. You may not know much about programming (and that’s okay!) but you should have a step by step understanding of how your app will work. Most importantly, you should be able to explain that to the programmers you are working with. A great way to do this is by writing down user stories. Or if you don’t yet have a prototype but you have someone you can discuss your idea with, that can also work! Walk your friend step by step on how they would use your product. Write these steps down.
For example : “I would login to my account. To see which cars are available nearby, I would look at the map. I would enter a destination in the search box to find my price estimate. The app will calculate the distance, estimated price and driver info.” It may seem like a simple and tedious exercise but when you have your idea out on paper like this, it makes the subsequent work much easier! This simple process will save you a lot of money and time.

Similarly, pitch decks are a good way to pour all of your thoughts out in one place and re-evaluate your company goals. You’ll evaluate what core problems your new idea will solve, who your competitors are and how your product will be different. Pitch decks help direct your market research, too. Even if you don’t plan on getting VC (venture capitalist) funding, the process of going through a pitch deck can help you to clear out your thoughts.

Remember that creating your first prototype is not as difficult as it may first seem to be. No coding skills are required! A good programming company can design and develop apps for you but LogiLeap goes one step further and can provide marketing advice as well. What is helpful to get the ball rolling is if the entrepreneur comes with their own app mockup. This means that we at LogiLeap can quickly understand exactly what you want the app to look like — there is minimal guesswork involved. This gives us more time to help you develop the app into exactly what your want with minimal use of your time and your resources. For more information on how to create a prototype, check out this video.

I’m always a little taken aback and skeptical when an entrepreneur presses a consulting firm to sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement). After all, ideas are like children and parents always think their child is the best and the brightest. The reality is that though others may appreciate your ideas, it will take a lot of hard work to steal them and profit from them. If you are a passionate entrepreneur, your idea is your baby and you will foster it with lots of TLC. You will have a detailed plan in place for that idea, including how to market it. No one can take that away from you. Uber, the rideshare company, is a perfect example of this. What if Uber had worried about their growing competitors who had very similar ideas (Lyft, Curb, etc)? We wouldn’t be using the word “Uber” as a verb today if the company had worried about their competition and abandoned their idea in the early stages. You should weight the risks and benefits of delaying a project due to a simple NDA which is usually unnecessary.

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