A beginners guide to create a simple WordPress website

A beginners guide to create a simple WordPress website

It’s year 2020 and if I believe everyone needs to have their online presence. This should not be just limited to facebook, instagram and twitter profiles but a website with a blog that can be a direct interaction platform to connect with your existing or potential customers. If you are tech savvy you can build a website for yourself. So without further ado let’s begin.


Step 1: Creating a wordpress account

Step 2: Deciding the type of website

This includes answering questions such as 

  • type of website (business, personal, blog, online store etc.), 
  • topic of the website (Digital marketing, Travel agency etc.),

Step 3: Selecting a domain name for your website

You will have option to buy a custom domain for example www.logileap.com (price varies) or simply use logileap.wordpress.com(free).

Step 4: Selecting a theme

Step 5: Adding pages 

Step 6: Publishing the website

Step 7: Done

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